About Smart Cities Norway

Smart Cities Norway (SCN) is a center of competency, a member network, and a smart city platform for anyone interested in, or participating within, the field of smart cities.

SCN’s mission is to accelerate the development of smart societies, and transform Norway into a leading smart city nation. Norway is a small, but advanced society, well equipped for developing an international, competitive industry where cities, businesses, state, organizations, academia and committed citizens are all collaborating.

We believe that Norway needs a nationwide neutral arena for inspiration, competence, network building, and exchange of experience, in the field of smart city development.


Our goal is to build the best website for news and information about smart city activities in Norway. We observe and adhere to classic press principles.

We also offer courses and advise for anyone who wants to know more about smart cities: Towns, municipalities, businesses and other organisations of any kind.



In order to accelerate smart city development in Norway, we have to make it easier to create new smart services. This means developers and businesses should be able to find, and use, the data needed―both commercial and open, public data. Smart Cities Norway wants to create a platform that is offering smart city relevant data that will satisfy the needs of both developers and founders concerning availability, quality and price.


Smart Cities Norway is working on a concept for a smart city lab which may be located in any town with one or more co-located environments for technology founders. It’s a simple concept: In any town we would like to connect smart city related start-ups, and to create a showroom on neutral ground where public and commercial organisations can display the combined smart city projects to visitors.


No city can become smart without connecting people who normally do not work together. We are connecting people, corporations and businesses. In the beginning this will be done by informal meet-ups, breakfast meetings, study trips, and more.


We also offer courses, counseling and workshops for anyone who want to learn more about smart cities. Contact us for more information.

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