Roger Dramstad

Roger is the smart city of Norway's customer manager. He is the one with the longest experience in the IT industry where he has seen and experienced the growth of data. He has extensive experience in consulting, sales and product management towards the public and private sector, focusing on HR and ICT. He has worked with large companies like WebCruiter, Agresso, ATEA, Norwegian Data, Computas, and Agricultural Data. He has thus created a huge large network both nationally and internationally.

In the 80's he worked in the farm where he was responsible for reporting salaries and fees for slaughterhouses, dairies, egg centers, fellowships, and other real-estate businesses. Then he reported centrally to 35,000 employees.

He has also been product manager for the payroll and personnel system Formula for 10 years from 1988 and exists today! He participated in the development from early and participated in the sales phase towards large and smaller businesses in Norway and Sweden.

After that he entered the final phase of Norsk Data and participated in most customer events at home and abroad to create good relations between the company and business and public enterprises.

Roger also has broad experience from conferences, courses and events through 30 years. His first confederacy alone, was in 1984 at Caledonia Hotels in Kristiansand. The theme was George Orwell's novel "1984" for the surveillance community and that "big brother" sees you, which is just as relevant today! There were 75 participants with speakers where several were parliamentary representatives and the first success.

He was among others with the start of the WebCruiter recruitment slogan, and stayed there for 10 years. Here he sold the solution to more than 100 businesses, where the largest was the Police, where he was visiting 27 police districts around the country.

His great strength is to be contact-building and the ability to empathize to hear what challenges are found on the "other side of the table".

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