Nordic Edge Smart City Innovation Cluster

The Nordic Edge Smart City Innovation Cluster comprises 11 core companies and 50 different partners. Amongst them are entrepreneurs, private companies, research and education institutions as well as public sector representatives.

Over the last few years, the Stavanger region has built a position as Norway´s cluster on Smart City. The digital infrastructure that was established when the utility company Lyse built its extensive fibre network, was the beginning of the Stavanger region’s development to establish itself as the leading cluster on Smart City in Norway. The fibre network opened up for new ideas for services over the internet. This triggered a number of new projects and businesses.

The Nordic Smart City Cluster is a collaboration between businesses, R&D environments and the public sector, to create value, encourage restructuring and innovation in the businesses, and to develop quality services and cost effective smart city solutions for, and with the cities. It is the first of its kind in Norway, and was recognised by the Arena Programme, owned and operated jointly by Innovation Norway, The Research Council and Siva on January 1st, 2018.

Cluster cooperation will help connect the municipalities with the vendor side, and the municipalities on the other hand will become more accessible as coalition partners and buyers. It is a business-oriented cluster where the players from across the different sectors will help draw the region together in a common direction.