FIWARE Platform

The FIWARE platform is a set of components with well-defined APIs that ease the development of applications for Smart Cities and Smart Business. The platform is Open Source and is based on state-of-the-art solutions such as OpenStack and Apache Hadoop

The open source platform eases the development of smart applications in multiple sectors. It lays the foundation of a whole ecosystem where entrepreneurs, industry, developers and cities can join in to capture the opportunities that are emerging with the new wave of digitalization. This ecosystem is growing, and has recently welcomed the creation of the FIWARE Foundation.
FIWARE open APIs are getting adopted as de-facto standards in several markets fostering a new generation of smarter applications and services, at a lower cost. The Foundation will ensure the long-term evolution of FIWARE and its availability for users, for free and forever.



Fiware Chapters

På toppen av openstack ligger Generic Enablers (byggeklossene). Disse er gruppert i flere Chapters.