FIWARE Lab ( is a non-commercial sandbox environment where innovation and experimentation based on FIWARE technologies can take place. Entrepreneurs and individuals can test FIWARE technologies as well as their applications on FIWARE Lab, exploiting Open Data published by cities and other organizations. FIWARE Lab is deployed over a geographically distributed network of federated FIWARE Lab nodes. Each FIWARE Lab node maps to one (or a network of) datacentres, on top of which an OpenStack instance has been deployed which has been federated and configured as a FIWARE Lab node (Cloud region) operated by a concrete organization.

As of today, FIWARE Lab consists of 18 nodes (cf. mainly located in Europe and providing up to 3000+ cores, 6TB+ RAM, 750TB+ HD. Nodes are not only providing Cloud resources, but are local ecosystems supporting and promoting access to FIWARE technology.