Domain Specific Enablers



As a use case project in Phase 2 of the FI PPP, FIspace aims at developing and validating novel
Future-Internet-enabled solutions to address the pressing challenges arising in collaborative
business networks, focussing on use cases from the Agri-Food, Transport and Logistics industries.
FIspace will focus on exploiting, incorporating and validating the Generic Enablers provided
by the FI PPP FI-Ware project with the aim of realising an extensible collaboration service for
business networks together with a set of innovative test applications that allow for radical improvements in how networked businesses work in the future.


Manufacturing & Logistics


For et rør dette EU greiene er !

Virker som om forskere får penger til å forske på noe. Og lager løsninger for det. Løsningene ser smarte ut - det er ikke problemet. Men når prosjektet, dvs finansieringen e ferdg, da forlater alle prosjektet og det blir bare liggende brakk.

De mangler en kremmer som tar tak i det som er laget og tjener penger på det !! 

Future Internet Technologies for MANufacturing industries - FITMAN

FITMAN provides the FIWARE Platform with 10 industry-led use case trials in the domain of Smart, Digital and Virtual Factories of the Future

Doing business these days is more complex then ever. Global trade, cost pressure, legally imposed reporting and data storing obligations are just some of the challenges that businesses face. At the same time, new technology holds big potential to react to these challenges. Tracking logistics, for example, connecting humans and devices to the Internet and to each other or follow business production- and delivery processes is nothing difficult any more. FIspace is here to provide you with the tools for the 21st century business marketplace.


From local farmers who want to better grow their crop and offer their products on the market to logistics companies that want to track their shipments around the world in more detail. FIspace can help multiple industries.