12:45 - TOMI

TOMI is an innovative urban interactive solution. It provides all the information that matters in the right place at the right time, with advanced technologies and designed to fit any city. TOMI is a unique user-friendly way to promote activities and points of interest, collecting interactions metrics.

TOMI is a free feature that operates like a community service, accessible to all and giving everyone the same tools to get informed about the local news, events, points of interest, public transportation and even the opportunity to take a selfie. As an engagement empowering platform, TOMI promotes equity by providing essential information to everyone who interacts with it.

Our proposal is to implement TOMI in any place that wants to become smarter and closer to its inhabitants or tourists. TOMI promotes the cities in a tourist perspective, managing to enhance all its virtues and singularities while promoting a more connected, informed and dynamic place. It has a hardware platform designed and developed to withstand harsh weather conditions and vandalism, ensuring durability and resistance.

TOMI is a unique device in the entire world: the citizens and tourists don’t waste energy and time looking for information, they find it while walking through the city and interacting with TOMI. Following a proximity criterion, TOMI emphasizes the options closer to the user through four main modules: News, Events, Search, Transports and an additional feature of city marketing: photo and GIF.

Today there is a lot of fragmented information in the cities and people don’t have time to see it all. That’s why TOMI collects and disseminates this information in an integrated, curated and georeferenced way, improving the quality of life of its residents and the experience of those who visit the city.