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Ultra fast Smart City App development using Fuse

Ever wanted to create an app that uses open data?

In our first Smartbylab we are happy to have Fuse come and show us how fast you can develop an App that uses open data.

Fuse ( is a free set of tools that makes designing and developing native mobile apps for iOS and Android fast, easy and fun.


For more information you can check out:

Documentation and tutorials
Examples (code included) : 


We'll go through the basics of making an app with Fuse, with an extra focus on subjects relevant to the Smart City theme of the upcoming Startup Weekend.

This includes things such as in-app navigation, maps, geolocation and fetching & utilizing open data.

Prerequisites for the workshop

• Some previous experience with programming and/or mark-up languages for front-end development. Fuse uses it's own UX markup together with plain JavaScript (ES5, no web frameworks)

• Bring you own computer with the latest version of Fuse installed. Fuse runs on MacOS and Windows and you'll find a getting started-guide here:

•  If you want to test geolocation or maps during development then you'll need to bring your own Android or iOS device and you should also have tried to deploy to it from Fuse.

•  If you go through the standard tutorial beforehand ( then you're well prepared and all set for success!


This is the first in a series of meetups organised by Smart Cities Norway (Smarte Byer Norge) -

Smart Cities Norway is an association for all public entities, companies, organisations and people interested in the area of smart cities. Contact or visit if you would like to know more.