The source for knowledge about publishing open data
using CKAN



Getting started with open data

The "getting started" courses give you the basics about open data, how to publish and how to prepare data for publication.


Working with open data in CKAN

Learn how to set up a test environment, import data from internal systems, transform data so that it is easy to use.


Visualizing data

When data becomes pretty. Transforming columns of raw data into charts, maps, graphs that give new insights to your data.


Working with private data in CKAN

Not all data can be open data. Sometimes you want to decide who can access your data.


Tailoring CKAN

Your open data portal tailored to your specific needs. With your corporate branding, look and feel it becomes a part of your internet presence.


CKAN in production

A successful open data portal has many users. Entrepreneurs has created Apps that engages citizens and customers. They now all rely on your stable data portal.