Ambassadors Smart City pitch

The challenges and opportunities related to smart cities are global. We have invited ambassadors to the Kingdom of Norway, to a session where they pitch their respective countries’ vision, ambition and initiatives related to Smart Cities & Communities.

The following ambassadors will pitch

  • Young-Sook Nam, Republic of Korea

  • Anna Mária Sikó, Hungary

  • Denisa Frelichova, Slovak Republic

  • Jarl Frijs-Madsen, Royal Danish Embassy

We see this as a continuation of our efforts to foster cooperation, co-creation and sharing of knowledge related to smart cities. We think that this will not only forster business relations, but also give insights into cultural differences related to smart cities in the different countries, and inspire joint actions towards creating a global market based on fair access.

How the pitch will be organized

Each ambassador will have a 5 minute pitch followed by 2 minutes of questions from the panel. Once all ambassadors have pitched we open up for questions from the audience.

  • What the pitch contains

  • Does your country have a national strategy for smart cities?

  • How is the UN sustainability goals connected to smart cities in your country?

  • Who are the leading smart cities in your country and what are their focus areas?

  • Are there any smart city networks in your country and are they linked internationally? Are the networks for cities only or do they also include private companies, academia, research, citizens etc.?

  • What smart city solutions can you export from your country?

  • What smart city solutions does your country need?

  • Do you provide tours to visitors?

Dersom du ønsker å få plass på arrangementet bør du melde deg på for å få sikker plass. I fjor kom det 150 personer til et lokale for 67 og noen måtte sitte i gangen.

Lenke til arrangementet:

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