SmartbyPitch: SmartUse.Global

Technology is changing the way that cities, communities, businesses, NGOs and people access what they need. SmartUse.Global provides the insight and network combined with the technology to enable a multi-stakeholder transition to a more circular economy.

- Enabling the identification of under-utilised assets and increasing their visibility
- Removing the silos and promoting collaboration within and across organisations
- Supporting decreased expenditures as well as identifying new revenue streams
- Catalysing the development of new networks and clusters for collaborative asset utilisation. 
- Providing organisations of all sizes and across multiple locations the data to understand and optimise asset usage
- Enabling innovative business models such as Product-as-a-Service for new and existing businesses; 
- Integration with public library systems supporting Product-as-a-Utility, easing the socio-economic pressure on individuals and families. 

Creating economic, social and environmental impact.

SmartUse.Global is a member of a United Nations registered partnership supporting the Sustainable Development Goals
Supporting and connecting a variety of stakeholders via the initiative, as well as the Nordics first ‘Library of Things’ providing an entire community with access to what they need, when they need it. 

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